Krystal Laferriere is a visionary entrepreneur known for exceptional skills in marketing, brand building, strategic communications, business development and product innovation. Intrinsic drive and unwavering passion have allowed her to flourish as a savvy business professional. Her creation and development of Kanabé Goods Co., a health and wellness cannabis-infused product line, has played a significant role in transforming the function of cannabis within the alternative medicine arena. Kanabé has helped combat the stigma associated with cannabis and filled a void in the marketplace. Sold in 2018, the brand is now a key offering under the Experion Wellness portfolio of cannabis products.

Krystal’s vast cannabis expertise, instinctive curiosity, marketing knowledge and agile mindset led to her becoming a sought-after Cannabis Wellness Expert speaking at marquee events such as MJBiz Con and the Lift & Co. Expo sharing her unique insights on product formulation, marketing, brand development and customer experience.

Lyfebulb, an organization that connects those affected by chronic disease with patient ambassadors and entrepreneurs, recognized Krystal’s nurturing spirit and role as a community leader by naming her a Lyfebulb Ambassador. Krystal uses her platform to inspire and support others living with chronic illness.

Passionate about community, Krystal has fostered a large online network through her Instagram account (@candidlykrystal), where she enriches others’ lives by engaging in raw and open dialogue. Through product innovation, personal storytelling and cannabis education, Krystal has forged a deep path in the health and wellness space and empowered others along the way.

She exemplifies what it means to be a resilient female business professional. There is no doubt Krystal will continue to disrupt the cannabis landscape and provide a ripple effect of positive influence on Canadians.