Heads Lifestyle, a cannabis lifestyle legacy brand.
Living life with cannabis. It’s that simple. At Heads Lifestyle, we mix our favourite things—music, adventure, arts and sports—with cannabis and discover heightened joy, expanded creativity and sensorial wow!

The creative team behind Heads Magazine is back and our sights are set further. Launched in 1999, Heads Magazine delivered 57 issues inspiring readers and expanding the cannabis horizon with a new mindset, a new culture, and a new lifestyle.

Today, Heads Lifestyle continues its legacy as the voice of modern cannabis with dynamic content designed to educate, entertain and enlighten. More off-the-path travel and adventure, extreme sports, social activism and environmental issues, science and research, innovators and influencers, and all styles of arts and music. Heads Lifestyle, a new aesthetic for an evolving community.
Think. Laugh. Act.